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Are you looking for help with a book?

To write a book — and get your unique story out of your head and into the hands of your readers — is an enormous undertaking. And there’s just nothing in the world like it. We’re so excited to be with you on this journey every Thee Folse Group will customize our team for the writing, editing, design, illustration, and marketing of your book. We can help you with everything that needs to get done — including reaching and engaging the target market for your book.

Whether you want to write your book yourself or if you’d like for us to collaborate, here’s what we can do for you!

From idea to outline

Together, we’ll crystalize your idea, analyze your potential market, identify your ideal reader, and explore your marketing possibilities to develop a concise overview for your book, an outline of desired content, preliminary competitive analysis, and a draft of your author bio. We have a limited amount of Stage 1 slots available

From Outline to Draft

With your book's research, interviews, and outline complete, we'll be ready to create a preliminary draft of your book. At the end of this stage you will have a full first draft of your book, with a headstart on the additional materials you'll need for proposal or publishing.

From Draft to Finished Manuscript

With your draft complete, your book will enter the editing stage which begins with a content evaluation to pinpoint any adjustments recommended for your draft. Next, a line edit will assure flow, structure, language, style, and continuity. The final proofing will further polish your book’s grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

From Manuscript to Publishing

If it’s a traditional publishing deal you seek, we’ll help you craft a proposal and pitch your book to a curated list of agents and publishers. If your priority is speed, creative control, higher profit margins, and books in hand for speaking and direct sales, we’ll publish your book Print on Demand (POD) and guide you through our production process.

From Publishing to Marketing

Regardless of whether you choose traditional or POD publishing to meet your personal goals and priorities, we'll stay right with you to create a marketing, media kit, web and social strategies, and help you prepare for your book's launch and ongoing promotions with a variety of options to meet your needs and budget.

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