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Marketing or Pitching?

How do you market a book? Now that your book is out in the world, how do you get it into the hands of its readers? (Whether or not they know they’re waiting for it!) After years of building individualized marketing plans for clients and products and books of all description only one thing is certain. No two books are alike. There are some similarities, of course, and communications tools overlap, but to help your book reach its market potential takes a specific focus on your strengths and priorities. We craft a plan to fit your unique needs and opportunities.
Again, we’ll start with a conversation to get a feel for your priorities, budget and preferences. After we discuss our recommendations and outline options, we’ll listen for your feedback, ask a million questions, and fold all of that input into a proposal. Upon your approval of the proposal, we’ll send a contract with a start date timed to your book’s projected release date.

Marketing Services