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It All Belongs: Love, Loss, & Learning to Live Again

In this exquisite dual narrative laced with expressive art, poetry, journaling, and hands-on help, It All Belongs offers a unique pairing of perspectives to actively model spiritual tools and practices helpful for navigating life’s inevitable realities and unwanted journeys — while embracing the love, beauty, light, and joy in all our life’s moments.

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Tarnished Gold Thread

Sometimes the path of following God’s call can be dotted with tedious (and sometimes treacherous) twists and turns. In Tarnished Gold Thread, Barbara Dowdy reflects on her soul’s journey from her ancestral roots (slave owners) to the struggles of growing up dirt poor (rural Texas in the Great Depression), to the joys and challenges of a mid-century housewife, mother, and savvy businesswoman ahead of her time, to at last following her lifelong call to Mission work in rural Africa.

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HaikuYou: Finding Peace in Chaos

Since the 17th century this unique form of poetic expression has been distilling the soul of thought into provocative, minimalist expression. In this collection Janette Kurban brings together the Five Elements and the natural world to offer soul soothing peace, understanding, and universal truth in times of uncertainty.

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Dream Catcher

So began the lifelong friendship between NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Terry Bradshaw and his favorite receiver through junior high, high school, and college, Tommy Spinks. Within the pages of this sweet and salty, page-turning romp told through the eyes of Spinks, you’ll gain special insight into friendship that withstands the rigors of time, trials of competition, and tests of tenacity to reveal the heart of the kind of connection that lasts a lifetime.

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Bringing its readers an insightful personal glimpse into Korea’s exquisite culture and confusing political turmoil, Grandmaster: A Story of Struggle, Triumph, and Taekwondo explores key issues of character and culture. Through the life story of Ninth Degree Taekwondo Grandmaster Won Chik Park, this story educates as it inspires.

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Choosing to Evolve

If you have had enough of feeling stuck, Choosing to Evolve could change everything. Your evolution begins with a deeper understanding of the way our minds operate through the automatic habituation of imagery and emotional scripting. Following the thread of these insights, Charles Gaby offers guidance through lifelong layers of defenses into the light of new-found freedom.

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