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Recommended in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper

Recommended in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper

You could have knocked us over with a feather when we opened Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper this morning to see the colorful cover of It All Belongs nestled among the January 28 Sunday Paper’s weekly array of “The Sunday Paper Recommends” books. It is one of our favorite places for discovering books, podcasts, films, and other works that “move the needle and spark inspiring change.” Special thanks to Lisa for her kind words in recommending It All Belongs in this well-respected venue:


“When spiritual teacher Judy Smoot received a devastating health diagnosis, she was challenged to put the spiritual practices she followed and taught to so many to the ultimate test. It All Belongs tells of how Judy did this with humility, courage, grace, and hope as she faced her mortality. And all the while, her husband, Roy, faces immeasurable love and grief. This is a profound book that explores the dual beauty and reality of death and the promise every minute holds.”


This recognition by Maria Shriver’s “The Sunday Paper Recommends” is such an exciting addition to our growing body of support from exactly the kind of people and resources we are trying to reach. This expression of resonance encourages us to continue our outreach, searching for more and more ways to get It All Belongs into the hands and hearts of readers who are traveling or have traveled such paths, and those who guide, counsel and support them.


Shriver’s Sunday Paper reaches thousands of readers who are eager for content that uplifts, encourages, and empowers. Being featured in Maria Shriver’s widely read The Sunday Paper carries our message of hope to a new and broader community.


Thank you, Maria Shriver, for featuring our book and for all you do as a journalist, author and advocate to “move humanity forward” and inspire countless “architects of change” through your informative, inspiring, delightful platform.