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A Touching Connection Through Shared Loss

A Touching Connection Through Shared Loss

When we decided to send a copy of It All Belongs: Love, Loss, and Learning to Live Again to President Joe and Dr. Jill Biden, we never imagined we’d get such an immediate and heartfelt response. This poignant exchange underscores a deep, shared bond between people who have been profoundly affected by the loss of loved ones to glioblastoma multiforme, brain cancer’s most aggressive form.

In delving deeply into themes of love, loss, and the journey toward healing, It All Belongs seems to resonate deeply with readers who have experienced profound grief, no matter its cause. For anyone who has navigated the heart-wrenching path of losing a family member to glioblastoma, this personal connection adds a layer of depth and empathy to this book’s tender narrative. And, for anyone navigating loss and grief, It All Belongs is being heralded as a beacon of hope and resilience for others facing similar challenges.

Gifting our book to the Bidens was a truly heartfelt gesture, acknowledging shared pain and a quest for solace and understanding. The President, known for his empathy and openness about his own grief, expressed his appreciation and gratitude for our courage to tell this story—and the comfort it will surely bring to anyone dealing with devastating loss:

Thank you for the copy of your book and for the touching note. I was sorry to read about the loss of your wife. Cancer is such a cruel disease. While nothing I can say will ease the pain, I know Judy is looking down on both you and this book with pride. We have to turn our pain into purpose in order to live a life worthy of those we have lost. It’s clear to me you are doing just that. May God bless you and may Judy’s legacy continue to be a blessing”

The presentation of It All Belongs to the Bidens and the President’s gracious response not only highlights the personal connections wrought by this terrible disease, but also emphasizes the universal nature of loss, grief, and healing. As a testament to the strength of the human spirit, It All Belongs offers readers a pathway to acceptance and peace.

As this book continues to touch lives, President Biden’s acknowledgment stands as a significant endorsement of its impact. The Smoot and the Biden family’s shared experience of loss and their mutual quest for healing from very different walks of life underscore its most powerful message: in the face of life’s greatest challenges we will all someday face, love and resilience are guides to see us through.